Things I Love about New York City #1

Headlines of NYC papers on august 4, 2014

Headlines of NYC papers on august 4, 2014

One of the best things about living in New York City would be the insanely worded headlines that are emblazoned across the city’s daily papers like Daily Mail and the New York Post…

Headlines of NYC papers on august 3, 2014

Headlines of NYC papers on august 3, 2014

The Ebola scare headlines photo is available as editorial stock over at my Dreamstime portfolio —

Cool Quotes #1

Such a cute design and cool quote!

Such a cute design and cool quote!

Since the last photo post mentioned Century 21 and I’ve visited that store no less than 50 times in the past two weeks, I thought it would be fitting to post an image that I took from that store. When I saw this quote, I realized that I really liked what it was saying but I would never fucking buy a porcelain container like that for myself, I decided to prop it in a way that it would photograph well and post it on my instagram.

One of these days, I know I’m gonna send it off to a friend who could use this quote and make them feel good.

Yes, indeed!

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Freedom Tower on a Rainy Day

For more pictures follow me at instagram

For more pictures follow me at instagram

Lately, I’ve been going downtown quite a bit, taking the ACE trains. Sometimes, it’s to see a good friend; other times, it’s to shop somewhere down there, mostly Century 21 (no, not the real estate company, but a department clothing store). The Freedom Tower, at the site of the Twin Towers, is really hard to miss and on this rainy day, I thought the haze complimented the tower well.

In spite of the weather being a drag, there were gazillions of people out there. Most of them with umbrellas about to poke my eye out because half of them are a bit shorter than I am. Tsk!

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The Humidity!

Another page from my eBook...

Another page from my eBook…

Another page from my eBook about the humidity in New York City:

“After living in California for more than five years, mostly in North Bay area, little did I know that my immunity to the dank humidity of the east would be seriously eroded. Every single fucking day, I feel like this wilted flower; however, all my bonafide New Yorker friends keep saying to me:

‘What humidity? This?! That isn’t humid!’

and I say, ‘Right, like you would know…’

Well, my mom married a true born Californian, he was from SoCal, and for the decade that they were married, he would never stop complaining about the humidity. None of us could really understand why he would NEVER get used to it. I mean, after ten long years, you would think he’d start not noticing it.

Also, we would go visit California for weeks every now and then; but, never really fully experienced the lack of humidity to the point that we would notice it right away when we returned back east. Now, that I’ve spent more than a couple years without visiting back east, I see what he means.

Sadly, I’m a bit worried that, like him, even with a decade of being out here in the humid, I may never get used to it again. I’m hoping that the universe will help me out and prove me wrong in this regard. Then again, she might not.

But, realistically, fuck it. I’ll take the humidity if that’s what it takes for me to be at my happiest in New York.

Pictures of New York

Jeff Koons at 30 Rock.  For more pictures follow me at instagram

Jeff Koons at 30 Rock.
For more pictures follow me at instagram

I’m always shooting pictures wherever I go around the city and posting some of them on instagram. So, I thought, hey, here’s my excuse to add more posts and make my blog seem a bit busier…not only that, but a bit more prettier. What better way to do this than to use my instagram pictures and put in a few words?

This picture was taken at 30 Rock in midtown Manhattan. The artist, Jeff Koons put his rocking horse art installation right in front of the Rockefeller building, behind the famous ice rink. I’m not going to lie to you and thought it was a fucked up piece depicting a giraffe with his head split in half.

A friend had to point out that it wasn’t of a giraffe but of a rocking horse.

Still a bit fucked up, in my humble opinion.

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Another Page from the eBook

Week oneSo, I’ve been in New York for about a week now and loving every minute of it. Well, actually, the first couple of days were difficult, largely because I was still adjusting to the humidity, the attitudes, culture, and the relentless walking around town. Also, I was missing my California buds quite a bit (they tend to be a bit more relaxed and not so demanding on keeping up with appearances like they are in NYC). Taylor, the friend who has been a huge help in my transition into the city, kept telling me it would take at least a week to adjust out of California time and another week to adjust into the groove that is New York.

A week later, as I am writing this, I got on the uptown A express train to meet with another friend, Matt, who happens to be living downfuckingtown and I’m already half an hour late! So, much for fully adjusting to the city’s groove!

Oh, good lord, this day is going to be merciless. But, of course, I digress.

So, what have I accomplished this week? Not much, by New York standards, of course. Most importantly, I got three new pair of shoes, two new caps, two pair of pants, a blue tank top, and vonzipper decco sunglasses (for only $17!!). I’ve been eating pretty much nonstop since I got here and think I may have succeeded in gaining half a pound. Only half a pound?! Yes! The insane humidity out here keeps making me sweat out all the damn fat I need to retain…

Oh yeah, the craziest part of my first few days out here would be the damn energy vitamins I took to keep up with the New Yorkers. Apparently, it was a stupid combination of niacin and caffeine — this is already on top of my insatiable thirst of Coca-Cola — that made it nearly impossible for me not to pee every fifteen minutes. And, any New Yorker would be nodding their heads in agreement with this, is the most craziest thing to happen to you if you’re smack in the middle of Times Square or any of the tourist traps around the city. Only in New York would bathrooms be totally everywhere but inaccessible as if there were none around!

For the non New Yorkers who need to pee at the strangest times and places: bring a pee bottle and use it!

And, the truth be told, nobody fucking cares. You’ll never see them again…

So, that’s my simple introduction to the grand week I’ve had here in the best city in the whole world. Now, it’s time for photos and, personally, I think that’s a bit more fun than reading my stream of consciousness riddled with all those fucks I can’t seem to refrain from using…

One last thing, of course, I love you for reading this whole thing. I really do!

A Totally New (Re)Start.

New yorkLet’s see, where do I start? My life is going through a huge transformation again, like New York City huge. I figured it’s going to be next to impossible to accurately start explaining away the experiences that led to my decision to move back to New York City from California right from the beginning; so, I’m going to start with today, right now.

Today’s my birthday. I’m 31 years old now. I’m not really sure how I feel about that. The truth? I really don’t think about it all that much or, at least, I try not to. Aging isn’t amusing. What’s more important is that I’m hot, still got my head on my shoulders, and am going to rock it!

A month ago, when I was in California, I thought maybe I could start a little eDiary doing exactly what I’m doing now; but, I’d share it with a few good friends of mine and forget about it. As usual, I didn’t really finish it and it’s taking up so much space on my iPad I’m about to delete it for once and for all. Before I do that, I wanted to move one of the pages from the eBook into this entry. It’s kind of a perfect way to introduce this blog.

“At eleven years old, I visited the city for the first time and fell in love. I said to everyone, ‘Watch me, I will move and live here. Right here in New York City.’ Everyone laughed and told me I’d change my mind.

Then, at twenty-one years old, I did it. I moved there and I loved New York. But, life got in the way and I left the city for Virginia Beach, California, Seattle, Costa Rica, Virginia, and five cross country road trips — each one of them a move out west.

Finally, eight fucking years later, at thirty-one years old, my heart couldn’t take it anymore. New York is my drug of choice, my love, my eternal muse. I must relapse and get my fix; so, I went back.

There’s no place like home.”

So, yeah, that’s how it is. Tonight, I guess Taylor is taking me to the infamous Latex Ball (an HIV/AIDS fundraiser for New York’s GMHC) and I feel truly exhausted. After all, we did an intense two week, and totally unfinished, move-in that may never end but burns through every mental and physical energy that we have.

We wouldn’t be proper New Yorkers if we didn’t snap out of it and go out instead of laying in front of the TV and letting life pass us by.

Happy birthday, me.